TB - Experience

Is a unique consisting of three formulas

TB 1 / Experience Team, club formule.

  • Offers you the opportunity to participate for free during the entire year at our enchanting tours in international company, at different levels with professional guidance. This up to 4 times a week during our high seasons and during the low seasons 2 times a week. You will also receive the TB - Experience team clothing: cycling jerseys - pants - cycling jerseys long sleeve or wind-stopper.
    Price: € 295.

 TB 2 / Experience Unique

  • This experience is accessible to everyone and offers you the chance to work with our unique weekly subscription to participate 4 times in our guided tours.
    Price: € 65.

TB 3 / Experience Test 

  • If you have no experience with guided tours, this is the formula to test if it is something for you. The Experience Test formula offers you the opportunity to participate twice at our unforgettable guided tours. 
    Price: € 35.

        *During the tours you are also insured against accidents and damage to third parties.
        *Can be reserved in advance or on the spot.